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Shadow's Story Arc Plothills
Did you hear that *insert Sonic game* was bad because of plotholes? I keep hearing that all the time. And most of the time, people refer to SA2 in order to knock it down from its pedestal and make the Colors Era games take the spot as the new perfect Sonic games.
I am sorry to tell you, but SA2 has no plotholes whatsoever. None.
This journal entry is just a leftover from the big project about Shadow. I couldn't use all the material - it would be too much of it. And I am sure that people would not enjoy a lengthy subsection entirely dedicated to plotholes when the original topic was already bloated enough.
However, even those bits and pieces need to be mentioned. So I am making a separate entry dedicated to plotholes alone.
The Art of Storytelling and Storycomprehending
If somebody wants to claim that there is a plothole in the story, he needs to understand the story to be sure that this contradiction he is describing really exists. Unless there is a contrad
:icondracold:Dracold 16 22
Mega Entei :iconrey-menn:rey-menn 812 71 Hm... Interesting comparison. :iconhero-t:Hero-T 46 136
Sonic Boom doesn't care
Okay after watching a handful of eps of Sonic Boom.  
I can honestly say, that Big Red Button got all there ideas from the internet or just random ideas when they were sitting in the board room eating waffles.
:icondracold: has gone to great detail over the episodes and  Ithink the latest which is  Double doomsday  is the best example of what Sonic boom is going to offer which is nothing at all.
Firstly Sonic is not Sonic  hes almost anti-sonic and not like scourge like, like you know sonic is someone who likes to get involved  help people, or even try to best he can while living life to the fullest.  Here sonic really doesn't care about anything  half the time he can't be asked  or just plainly gets annoyed at the very fact he has to be bothered with something.
Tails  being the loveable one of the group and tech wizz is only a genius with a little ego about himself and gets bothered by others because there not smart as he is.
:iconskythehedgehog47:Skythehedgehog47 17 30
Zooper Clash :iconxamoel:XAMOEL 73 15 Killer Instinct :iconxamoel:XAMOEL 358 86 YOUR RUINING MY LIFE!!!!! :icondecision-to-protect:Decision-To-Protect 673 611 Flying Frog :iconprincessemerald7:PrincessEmerald7 29 27 If Sonic Generations was more Sci-Fi 2 :iconmeltingman234:MeltingMan234 28 19 SONIC Infobox Wallpaper :icon4xeyes1987:4xEyes1987 89 17
Why is sonic 06 bad?
Lots of people hate this game but why? I know there are lots of glitches and the story are bad but it's a pretty good game to play. Plus most of the people who hate this game don't HAVE the game and they hate silver because of it! I have the game unlike all of you reading this and I've complete the whole game
:iconsonicandfnaffan:sonicandfnaffan 2 5
TKC :icondeooart:deooART 185 20 Sonic Universe 81 Cover :iconherms85:herms85 420 37 Worlds Unite - Sonic Battles :iconherms85:herms85 328 30 Clone Saga :iconworldsworstdetective:WorldsWorstDetective 120 4



Sega has put little effort in Sonic and satisfying non-modern fans
You can't blame the complaints on us being divided

^Yeah, we're expected to play these games yet their lacking and have less and less content for us. It doesn't help that Mania mostly rehashing and Forces is said to have "colorful" levels. That alone doesn't bother me because Sonic always had colorful levels, it's that the colorful levels in modern games sucked.

No modern fans has any business telling others who to respect
When it was Adventure haters who disrespected us for over a decade and counting
^and spent 12 years on a crusade to make Sonic childish

How the hell is the new Green Hill level cheaper looking
Then what they did 5 years ago(Generations green hill)

Arguing against statistics but favoring reviews
Is a fallacy of authority and plain delusion

^The Fallacy is actually called "appeal to authority"
Sonic Meme thoughts
Sometimes I have thoughts on memes but not in the mood to make the memes, so I jot some of them down and come back to them later. Here are some recent ones.
Also, I refer to an journal I made where I pasted comments from youtube.…

About the appeal to authority argument, here's more on that.

You said that because an authority thinks something, it must therefore be true.

It's important to note that this fallacy should not be used to dismiss the claims of experts, or scientific consensus. Appeals to authority are not valid arguments, but nor is it reasonable to disregard the claims of experts who have a demonstrated depth of knowledge unless one has a similar level of understanding and/or access to empirical evidence. However it is, entirely possible that the opinion of a person or institution of authority is wrong; therefore the authority that such a person or institution holds does not have any intrinsic bearing upon whether their claims are true or not.

Example: Not able to defend his position that evolution 'isn't true' Bob says that he knows a scientist who also questions evolution (and presumably isn't a primate).

used with this a lot.
APPEAL TO THE CROWD: (ad populum or playing to the gallery) refers to popular opinion or majority sentiment in order to provide support for a claim. Often the "common man" or "common sense" provides the basis for the claim.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An argument from authority, also called an appeal to authority, is a form of logical and persuasive argument using expert opinion to defend the likelihood of the truth of the matter asserted. More precisely, it is a defeasible argument and a statistical syllogism taking this form:

X is an expert on subject Y,X says A. A is within subject Y.A is very likely true as it is in the expert's field.[1]

The argument can lead to an informal fallacy when misused.[2]

  • A valid argument (Latin:argumentum ad auctoritatem)[3] is one in which a recognized authority on the relevant subject is appealed to by citing a statement by that authority. This is a form of inductive reasoning in that the conclusion is not logically certain, but highly likely.[4]
    • Examples include following the treatments prescribed by a medical doctor, or citing a respected author to establish claims of fact in a written work.[4]
  • An invalid argument (Latinargumentum ad verecundiam),[3][5] translated from Latin as argument to modesty or respect,[6][7] by which the authority appealed to is compromised in some way; such as being an expert in the wrong subject; or being unfamiliar with a specialized aspect of the subject; or giving views from one side of a controversy.[4]
    • Examples: citing a popular astrophysicist for claims about molecular biology; an Olympic athlete's endorsement of a product they do not use;[5][8] or a long retired professor's claims about a current debate in their field. This fails in that the first proposition is untrue.[4]
Aged Badly
This game aged so badly, that thousands of people bought it again and gave it overly positive reviews. I don't know the exact numbers, but I also remember this making the Xbox live top sellers 1 time as well. Like the game or not though, you can't keep using the dislikes of a bunch of fanboys, youtubers, and critics, to pretend this game is bad in anyway, or "aged poorly", that being a flat out lie.
Classic fans
INB4 someone says they don't like the classics when I clearly said "Almost all".
I said something similar to this some time ago.…

This is specifically about this assumption of classic fans and Adventure fans. That classic fans will like classic style games while Adventure fans hate everything for not being like an Adventure game. The assumption against Adventure fans is only a strawman if anything since it's mainly us who complain about the modern games, however with the recent backlash of fans over the boosting formula in Sonic Forces, we should look into the fact we're the only side of this fandom that hates a game for not being a preferred style, especially when many people who are a fan of classic games like 3D games, and many of us Adventure fans have no problem with the classics, but the over saturation of aesthetics only certain people cared about(no story and other characters), and being tailor made for that specific group.

Point is, almost all of us are classic fans, but as it's already shown, some of us in the fan base actually remember what the classic were good for more then just Green Hill zone and no story telling through dialogue. Then you get these people who misremember the classic and twist them to their own personal view, and really the only biggest different with most of us. These so called modern fans are made up of most of the same type of people who do this, both young and old, while many of us Adventure fans just happen to like the era the most but still liked or even grew up with the classics. Not to say there isn't anyone out there who is a true 2D purist, but there far less evidence of that then the modern purist who seem to be the only people Sega care about making games for at this point.
Cool never stopped
Let's get this out of the way, nerds need to stop talking about whether or not Sonic is cool anymore. Not only do most of us not keep up with what's cool in the outside world, but many nerds think cool only equals to just what they think is so when it's not. I could say Micky Mouse is cool, that doesn't make him so, and I'd just be calling him that. It's a matter or using a definitive word with something that isn't definitive with it. Let's look at the definitions.


    of or at a fairly low temperature:
    "it'll be a cool afternoon" · [more]
    synonyms: chilly · chill · cold · bracing · brisk · crisp · fresh · refreshing · [more]
    fashionably attractive or impressive:
    "I always wore sunglasses to look cool"
    synonyms: fashionable · stylish · chic · up-to-the-minute · sophisticated · trendy · [more]
    (a cool ——)
    used to emphasize a specified quantity or amount, especially of money:
    "a cool $15,000 to buy the franchise"


    (the cool)
    a fairly low temperature:
    "the cool of the night air"
    synonyms: chill · chilliness · coldness · coolness
    calmness; composure:
    "he recovered his cool and then started laughing at us"
    synonyms: self-control · control · composure · self-possession · self-command · [more]
    the quality of being fashionably attractive or impressive:
    "all the cool of high fashion"

You can see that aside from temperature, Cool is defined by style and composure, not ones personal opinion, not in the case when we argue with Sonic anyway, and the definitions of cool are what made Sonic cool back in the day, and they never stopped being cool. Since Sonic fits the definition of cool, how can he stop being cool? Only when Sega themselves changed him to fit the views of fanboys, and in reality, Japan and the US have totally different cultures so cool would be subjective between us, but the word itself isn't. Though, this goes into a bigger problem with too many people attributing everything to subjectivity and not wanting to face the objectivity, usually out of their own bias or in most cases, even my own sometimes, being an outsider. Nevertheless though, what made Sonic cool never stopped being cool to all but a group of people within our culture. Even those on different sides of the spectrum who don't think Sonic is cool are opposed on the word. You have those who mainly play mature games, but conform to more things that fit the definition of either cool or the subject of mature for video games. The other spectrum, the side that mainly stick with kiddy and colorful games, the side this fanbase is plagued with, shows a hatred for most cool things and rely only on their opinion. Look at how many people are triggered by the terms "dark and edgy" and look at exactly what kind of gamers they are. We do have some folks in this fanbase who are ambiguous on the spectrum, like certain youtubers who say Sonic is a cartoon animal and shouldn't be taken seriously, but turn around and indulge in mature games, not many I've seen though, but I'm pretty sure this is the case for Some call me johnny. Either way, his opinion on Sonic goes outside of what Sonic was crafted for and going by his own opinion, which is what I just described before.

On another note, of Cool really was a term that keeps changing, which it doesn't, then why have the Ninja Turtles remained relevant for 30 years? You can't say because they kept changing when many people consider the 2000 series to be the best of the franchise, me included. What gets the point across even more is that it's the best of the franchise because unlike the original 8's cartoon, the 2000 series was heavily based on the original comic that feature blood and Shredder being killed off in the first issue. The 2K series changed some of these aspects, sure, but it was much more faithful to what made them cool, not a false perception that they need to be cute and colorful because their cartoon animals. This is a way of thinking that only exists within the Sonic fandom, brought in by people from the outside or preconceived notions, as well as Japan, as they view characters like Sonic as just for kids when in the U.S., cartoony animals were popular with all ages, well into the 90's, as many adults at this point grew up with characters like Bugs Bunny and Hannah Barbara toons, which were far less childish then what we see with cartoons nowadays. I think that's what makes the key deference there, we grew up with cartoons that would play themselves straight while Japan, as far as I know, haven't, therefor the notion is more restricted over there. TMNT gave the idea that anthropomorphic characters could be more then comedians, and with that, the 90's saw many copies of them like the Mighty Ducks and Swat Kats, the ladder has many people waiting for a revival that's being worked on and excited for it. This means with almost 20 years of absence, what made Swat Kats cool still works for them now because they never stopped being cool. This also remind me of when youtuber Clement made a video, or videos, about how 06 was bad. I was never able to get past the first 10 minutes because of how idiotic he sounded about Sonic being serious, but one thing stuck with me since then. He made a big issue about how Sonic is a cartoon and cried this multiple times, his bitch ass voice during this bit still rings in my head to this day. "SONIC IS A CARTOON! SONIC IS A CARTOON!". This has always made me wonder what cartoons he was watching as a kid, because again, we had shit like Swat Kats and Mighty Ducks, and this dude is crying over 06 AND Shadow at the same time. Even with the toons I just called out, you know what was also a cartoon? Spawn - the animated series, Fritz the Cat, Heavy Metal, and Coonskin. Look them up on youtube if you're of age. If not, I can only hook you up with this TV Trope link.…
So I'm left to wonder have Clement completely missed this entirely? You can't say he just means Sonic because he's judging Sonic based on him "being a cartoon".

Too many people in this fandom will never understand this, hence why they don't understand Sonic or the concept of cool, because they can't handle information that goes beyond their own opinion, which is something Sonic was meant to do, him being an anti-thesis of Mario. That right there shows again how much Nintendo fanboy is in these kinds of people.
So yeah, I normally don't do journals but I'm too lazy to do anything else at the moment and I haven't posted anything in a month.Just wanted to copy and paste this comment I found on a Blackb0nd video on youtube.
"David Liberti4 weeks ago
HAHAHAHA B0nd, i laughed so much when you made your comparison with Sonic fanboys XD And as a Sonic fan, i agree ! The reason why Sonic is dead (Or irrelevant) is the same problem that Nintendo has, fans don't stand up and ask for better as costumers, their are fine with mediocre or horrible games, apparently. Oh and the reason that nobody give a damn about Sonic nowadays is that, SEGA either wants Sonic to be a poor Mario clone to fit with Nintendo fanboys standards (And that's why Sonic Flop World failed), or to recycle the same "nostalgia" Anyway, B0nd, good job as usual ! :)"

On a side note, here's a comment from Blackb0nd the fits perfectly with what goes on in this fanbase.
"BLACKB0ND4 weeks ago
The vocal minority will continue to not demand better as they foolishly think wanting better is some sign of weakness. Instead they will continue to damage control, pretend that everything is fine, while berating others who actually want a REAL change."

You guys already know, and the people in question ain't got dick to say that they haven't already said many times hoping everyone believes their lives.. 8-)

The comments were made here.


United States
Makes Sonic related meme. That is all.


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Hexidextrous Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Did you hear the unfortunate news? The Archie Sonic Comics have been cancelled! -->…

I feel like a part of me just died. ;(
Psyco-The-Frog Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I don't think it's actually confirmed, but now it's looking that way even more then a few months ago.
Kingriver Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Nothing is set in stone yet. we will know for sure sometime this week if it's cancelled or not.
Aleksandae Featured By Owner 4 days ago
please comment on the journal what you think…
AlexTheHedgeLynx Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
You know... a few days ago, IGN has REALLY exposed themselves now... first, absolute hate for Sonic and now THIS, and they LOVE him, all because of Sonic Mania... just spread this journal and let everyone see, what kind of con artists they are.…
Kingriver Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017…

Hope this means we get 06 on steam. Never played it and don't own a 360.
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
Hey Psyco. You GOTTA play Spark the Electric Jester! It is a totally awesome game, and the fact that he's a Jester doesn't really reduce the awesomeness much. It's finally released, and its epic!

Like for one, the battles are superb! Especially ones like this one against a massive robot with a chainsaw arm, it feels like something out of one of the actually good Sonic games!

And it has serious parts too, like this part where you see the army get involved in the battle against the Robots! And in the one boss battle against Seam, you see a bunch of dead guys on the ground that he killed! So you can see it's not going overly kiddy like Sonic Colors or something like that.

There's also marginal swearing too. Not too much so it's still for kids, but occasionally Spark and the others say words like "Crap" and "Piss" and "Damn."

And last but not least, the soundtrack is amazing! Like listen to this song from it, I'm sure that shows enough of how awesome it is! -->…
Psyco-The-Frog Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
On one thing you said, Sparky being a Jester doesn't cut down on the awesomeness but I see this as a TV Tropes described as the character being a theme park version of Sonic, so by default, he's still less cool then Sonic himself before Colors.

In any case, I've already seen a video on Sparky, I've already planned on giving it a shot one day, it's just when.
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
Yeah, I don't find him a replacement for Sonic and Sonic is still better, but still, Spark does have a notable degree of awesomeness, and this game isn't Mario-like in atmosphere.
PanzerPSOprorius Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017
heres an Sonic Colors review from an youtube content maker who just came out of the woodwork :…
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