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Lost Sales
Those Mario sales.…

Also, I have to pop this question, it only just not came to me; If people who argue this think a game wont sell less when it's less appealing, does this them they know other people who buy games that are less appealing to them or do it themselves? After all, if Nintendo fanboys only cared about gameplay and not content, they would be ok with playing games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat X, or the like. Though I would find that difficult since many of them show an extreme disdain for mature, realistic, or edgy games. Just something to think about.

Oh yeah, Lost World was ported to the 3DS which was SO MUCH MORE successful then the Wii U, and sold less copies then it's Wii U counterpart.
Dream game 3
People, let's not pretend this is something impossible and should be ignored for the sake of people who hate the idea of Sonic games being good. Warframe is a fast action game, and Hover is basically a free roaming Sonic game, blending the core aspects and mechanics of the two would work well for a Sonic game, and given Sonic has touched on many of these aspects, they would simply be upgrades.
Warframe -…
Hover -…
Take both and put them with this -…
Warframe's Sonic Upgrades
If anyone doesn't know about Warframe, it's a 3rd person shooter in the same vain as games like Gears of War and Vanquish, though it's a lot more like the latter. You played as space ninjas all wielding guns, knifes, and other melee weapons, each one with their particular set of skills such as but not limited to, special sword attacks, freezing, poison, mind control, shocking, traps, and necromancy.

Of course, some people here will be wondering why I'm comparing this to Sonic, and that would be many of the little things you can do with the mechanics of this game.……

Altogether you got;
Speed - Sonic in general
Swordplay and other melee weapons - Shadow and Black Knight
Parkour(Wall running) - Sonic in general, Espio's ability since Knuckles Chaotix.
Shooting - Shadow, Adventure games
Special powers - Certain Sonic characters, Shadow and Blaze most especially
Space Flight - Shadow's hand glider from 06
Invisibility - Espio
Throwing Knives - Espio

Now, I know there's other games that do things things, but not many of them have covered this many aspects Sonic has given how diverse his games are, Halo and Boarderlands being close but they aren't speedy action and above average FPS games, and Mario sure as hell doesn't even come close even with some of these aspects in it's own way. Also, even fewer games possess all of these things at one time and for a big roster of characters, I've lost count of how many Warframes there are because it's been updated with new ones many times over the years.

This is also not to say Warframe is copying Sonic or anything, simply that it has many aspects that have been done in different Sonic games and rolled them all up into one game where you can do all things all at once. This is about the potential of 3D Sonic games and where the series can go mechanics wise, rather then condense it all the time to just 2D with nothing new and 3D with just boosting. If you really think about it, a Sonic game like Warframe would most likely turn out to be a faster and more action packed version of 06 with additional and upgraded aspects of past Adventure games.
Another fanboy gets mad at me. What else is new right? lol
Really, at this point I should just start a trophy room, displaying the avatars of every fanboy who either blocks or thrown tantrums when I call them on their bullshit.…
Sonic Forces my interest.... oh god I did it.....
Anyway, just so yall know I'm up to date and for anyone who doesn't know yet.
So yeah, I normally don't do journals but I'm too lazy to do anything else at the moment and I haven't posted anything in a month.Just wanted to copy and paste this comment I found on a Blackb0nd video on youtube.
"David Liberti4 weeks ago
HAHAHAHA B0nd, i laughed so much when you made your comparison with Sonic fanboys XD And as a Sonic fan, i agree ! The reason why Sonic is dead (Or irrelevant) is the same problem that Nintendo has, fans don't stand up and ask for better as costumers, their are fine with mediocre or horrible games, apparently. Oh and the reason that nobody give a damn about Sonic nowadays is that, SEGA either wants Sonic to be a poor Mario clone to fit with Nintendo fanboys standards (And that's why Sonic Flop World failed), or to recycle the same "nostalgia" Anyway, B0nd, good job as usual ! :)"

On a side note, here's a comment from Blackb0nd the fits perfectly with what goes on in this fanbase.
"BLACKB0ND4 weeks ago
The vocal minority will continue to not demand better as they foolishly think wanting better is some sign of weakness. Instead they will continue to damage control, pretend that everything is fine, while berating others who actually want a REAL change."

You guys already know, and the people in question ain't got dick to say that they haven't already said many times hoping everyone believes their lives.. 8-)

The comments were made here.


United States
Makes Sonic related meme. That is all.


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Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
Hey Psyco, I want you to watch these really awesome Flash Videos.

The reason, well some parts of them remind me of Sonic with the awesomeness and the robots and fast-paced badass battles! It's called Xionic Madness, and it's one of my all-time favorites! In fact, the one villain in Episodes 1 and 1.5 I thought looked sorta like Metalsonic in a way too.

Here's all the episodes for you here. Watch them and see for yourself.
Episode 1:…
Episode 1.5:…
Episode 2:…
Episode 3:…
Episode 4:…
Episode 4.5:…
Epsiode 4.75:…

Psyco, do you think if they made a Sonic Game like that stuff in Xionic Madness there, it would be totally freakin wicked beyond all imagination? I certainly do.
Psyco-The-Frog Featured By Owner 5 days ago
lol, the memories, I'm actually a big fan of the Madness franchise if it can be called that, watched all the EP's of Madness combat which I started with, and saw many others Madness movies that spawned from it, even the live action one they did based on combat. I haven't watched every episode of this, but I did see parts of Xionic including the ending(though I just watched the last minutes of that EP), and you're about what you said about it and it would be cool for Sonic to take cues from this.

Speaking of Flash movies you made me think of this one I'm quite found of.
Sonic Flash : Chaos Evolution Finale(this is in multiple parts so it's not the whole finale, but if you like this EP, I recommend looking into the guys channel for past videos.…

There's also the decent Megaman X vs Zero fight, and there should be a recommended video for Zero vs Omega Zero.
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Edited 23 hours ago
Wow, you like Madness Combat too. Rare to see someone who's into Madness, and yet still likes stuff like Sonic, TMNT, and Ratchet and Clank.

I don't usually like admit that I enjoy Madness Combat often, mostly because of how like 85% of the Madness Combat community has treated me. Most Madness fans I met before on sites like Newgrounds and such have automatically dismissed anything that they think is "Kiddy" like Sonic, TMNT, etc, and have actually been rather malicious about it. Those really crazy people who denounce anything that isn't M-rated because they think anything that's not Adult Rated is automatically bad.

In fact, one time, I used to be a member of a Madness Combat website called "", but because I was a Sonic fan, they'd have admins edit my own posts to say disturbing things I would never say, in order to make me look bad. Or they'd send me trick links to Shock Sites showing Sonic with disturbing detailed genitals showing. And another time, no joke they somehow managed to get my E-mail address (probably an admin told them) and sent me disturbing E-mails saying things like "You are a disgrace of a Madness Fan. I wish Hank would slaughter you and send you to hell, where you rape Sonic furries, oh wait, that's heaven for you," or them asking me to kill myself, and stuff.  
It wasn't your typical Internet hate I'd get from the other Madness Combat fans I met, these guys went even farther, with like the deliberately malicious E-mails and Shock Sites and everything! I stopped going there because it was like I couldn't even login without getting their crap. And apparently I saw I wasn't the only one who got this treatment, it was like they'd have Witch Hunts for that stuff on every Madness Combat website and Fanbase. Can you believe it?!

I am thankful you aren't like them though, Psyco. Those are the people who make me sick, and I hope they eventually got what's coming to them. Just wish that more Madness Combat fans were like you though, not so discriminatory and willing to take anyone whom they don't find ingratiating and attack them in ways beyond your typical negative Internet Posts.

Also, thanks for those videos too. Those were superb!
YourCrushIsASlut Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Is it me, or have I seen that design on the new Sonic Forces "Infinite" villain somewhere before... that certain somewhere from a NINTENDO game...?

Junjie. Raise of an eyebrow
Psyco-The-Frog Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Looks more like Mephiles to me.
YourCrushIsASlut Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Looks more like this to me;

Darkrai & Noivern (Pokémon)
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Hey Psyco, another trailer was shown for Sonic Forces.

Now it shows that there's a new villain who can shoot these cube things. Dunno much about him.
Also, 4 other old foes are going to be appearing in it too. Shadow, Metalsonic, Chaos, and Zavok.

I am not into the fact that the lousy Bowser Knockoff is returning, but Metalsonic and Shadow are definitely a good thing. Chaos, well I dunno, didn't he turn good at the end of SA1? Then again, this could be a thing like in Sonic Battle, so it's too early to say just yet. Or maybe this new villain has something to do with it?

Well that's another thing that makes me skeptical. Although they do have the return of a bunch of actually awesome villains, Zavok should've been left out.
Psyco-The-Frog Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
I saw the trailer. Chaos is confusing but I don't know why you think Shadow being a villain is a good thing when he's been a good guy since the end of SA2, which is over a decade ago. Doubt this will be anything like Sonic Battle. In any case, the new villain I'll have to wait on, but the only villain that makes since and should be there is Metal Sonic.
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